The Strategy Group provides confidential strategic intelligence to governments, think tanks, foundations, and similar organizations and institutions to enable them to make effective policy decisions. The Group bases its recommendations on objective academic analysis, using rigorous research to provide innovative, timely and effective reports.


Identifying Opportunities: The Strategy Group has a proven record in identifying opportunities and assessing how to capitalise on them. Their strengths are the provision of information with a high level of analysis and insights in the fields of international politics and economics, reflecting the expertise and experience of The Strategy Group over the past decade.


The Strategy Group provides a unique perspective on emerging trends to world leaders facing the uncertainty of rapid change in globalization, competition and technology, essential if countries are to avoid further disruption, uncertainty and chaos as we move ahead in the 21st century.


The Strategy Group has particular expertise in the complexities and nuances of critical issues in the Islamic world and the Middle East. They provide an intimate and sophisticated knowledge of the trends, risks and uncertainties associated with change in highly dynamic and complex world markets affected by demographics, technology, terrorism and global economic factors.


The Strategy Group has been called on to offer strategic advice at the highest international levels and has advised over half a dozen world leaders on a variety of issues from strategic policy development to national security issues. Policy recommendations are based on rigorous research and extensive experience, ensuring that policy decisions are soundly based, innovative and effective.